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Landfill Reduced as RECYCLING LIVES Converts Scrap Vehicle Waste into Renewable Energy

Recycling Lives, the UK’s largest end-of-life vehicles processor, is developing a ground-breaking solution that uses hard-to-recycle automotive shredder residue (ASR) to deliver renewable energy and reduce waste-to-landfill.

It is part of this broader model for the business creating opportunities for generating energy to run site operations and green hydrogen to power emission-free vehicles, alongside re-tasking batteries from end-of-life electric vehicles (EV) for re-use, e.g. for energy storage.

Recycling Lives plans to reduce the amount of ASR that goes to landfill by diverting clean and graded material through thermal treatment technologies to generate energy at its 15-acre Recycling Park in Preston, an Authorised Treatment Facility.

Advanced thermal decomposition converts ASR waste into energy and generates by-products (char and combustible syngas). Char can be used to create green hydrogen, while residual char may be applied as a soil modifier, and ash as construction sector aggregate.

The final stage of the model will see banks of repurposed batteries from electric vehicles used to store renewable energy produced by the process, and power the purpose-built EV depollution facility at the Recycling Park.



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