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The Salvage Wire Depollution Podcast

I will be forever thankful to the advice, support and words of wisdom that Andy Latham of Salvage Wire has offered me over the four years I have known him. So it comes as no surprise that if I encountered a problem over that time, with getting my business off the ground, or I wanted an opinion on something relating to the vehicle recycling industry or electric vehicles, its Andy who I immediately turn to. So much of the work that Salvage Wire carries out is dedicated to helping vehicle recyclers become leaders in their industry, raising professional standards, keeping people and businesses safe. So its no surprise that as I look to grow my business and bring the next phase of ELV Training to realisation, that partnering with Salvage Wire on the next project was a very easy decision. His industry knowledge and business acumen is second to none and if you are looking for someone to offer a safe pair of hands to support your automotive recycling business, as you look to grow and meet the next challenge, you simply can't go wrong with Mr Latham. Salvage Wire helps companies understand how they can connect with their customers, improve their sales, profit margin, develop their staff, and become leaders in the industry.

Andy Latham

So what is next for ELV Training? Well, I'll leave the big reveal till next week but for the time being, I would greatly appreciate if you could show your support to Salvage Wire by popping over to the website at and see what their business could do for yours. Which segue nicely onto the Depollution Podcast hosted by Salvage Wire. This weeks instalment has yours truly in the hot seat, so I will be keen to read your feedback. You can go straight to the podcast here:



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