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Applying Defined Standards To Vehicle Dismantling Training

Good recruitment is vital, especially when labour markets are tight. It is all about securing a workforce with the relevant skills and abilities for an organisation's needs, at the same time as providing potential candidates with the opportunity to evaluate a role and organisation. From an employer’s perspective, any job should rely foremost on a core competency framework. However, up until recently, other than the apprenticeship route, the vehicle recycling industry hadn't defined one. Thankfully, this is no longer the case with depollution and dismantling competencies reflected in the IMI's National Occupational Standards (NOS) published in March 2022.

The next challenge for the industry is to understand the importance of applying these standards and insisting on them when attracting and developing future talent. Of the nineteen depollution and dismantling roles posted on the job board Indeed in April 2023, none of the vacancies referenced the NOS for vehicle dismantling. However, with the exception of one company, all of them wished to attract skilled candidates, insisting on a minimum of 12 months automotive experience, but then failing to define what that experience and competence level would look like.

Employers must recognise the value of training to a defined and recognised standard rather than relying on historical workplace familiarisation training, handed on by experienced co-workers. Whether looking to attract new talent or upskill existing employees, technical training must adhere to competency framework so employers can guarantee that their people possess the necessary knowledge and skills to carry out the role safely and compliantly, and to an industry-agreed standard. If we are not going to apply competency standards to vacancies we are looking to fill, what is the point of having them? And what does it say about the industry, if we are actively looking to attract talent with transferable skills from other technical industries, but don't apply our own competency framework?

ELV Training are proud to be the first in the UK to have developed a comprehensive syllabus from the ground up, solely to meet the demands of the vehicle recycling industry. With NOS at the very core of our curriculum, your business need not suffer the expense associated with unnecessary staff turnover. Investment in an effective technical training programme is significantly less than the costs associated with a high staff turnover. Attract the right people to your organisation by insisting technicians meet our National Occupational Standards and are registered on the UK's Depollution Register, and never worry about recruitment or retention of your technical staff. Incentivise, motivate, inspire and most importantly, upskill your workforce by ensuring they have access to a range of job-specific courses - we currently provide the industry with 28 modular courses and two qualification routes covering a wide spectrum of ELV disciplines.

A partnership with ELV Training ensures your organisation is in the best position to anticipate future challenges and promote business growth. By helping you build capability and competence within your workforce, we support you in attracting the right people first time, and furthermore, ensure you hold onto them.



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