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Unlock Your Potential for Less: Get 20% Off All Courses Until End of 2023

Our biggest discount to date

To celebrate our second anniversary, and being recognised as service provider at the recent ATF Pro Awards, we are offering 20% off all our e-learning courses for the rest of 2023. That's right, there has never been a better time to unlock yours or your business's potential for less, by enrolling on any of our training courses. Better still, there's no need to start your training straight away. Simply purchase in-full before year-end, and you can choose to reserve the delegate space(s) to start at anytime, across 2024. Meaning you can recruit, train or retrain across 2024, when it best suits you and your business.

Staying ahead by planning ahead

Get ahead of the competition by planning your depollution and recycling training for the year ahead, with the guarantee that you are receiving the best price and a syllabus that adheres to national occupation standards. Join our depollution register, a first of its kind technical competence register and benchmark your skills and experience alongside the 150 currently enrolled technicians.

Happy New Year!

May the new year be prosperous for you in all your vehicle recycling activities and help you achieve your professional objectives. For those who already benefit from our training, we wish to extend our special thanks - we appreciate your support and how you helped us succeed. Let's hope the upcoming year is even better. Happy New Year, 2024.

Still need convincing of the benefits of ELV Training?

Here are just some of the reasons our 2023 clients shared for partnering with ELV Training:

(1) Training to overcome future challenges

The DVLA highlight that 17 million of the 33.2 million cars and vans on UK roads are at least ten years old. With the average age of a scrapped vehicle being 14 years, we can anticipate that most of these 17 million will reach the end of their operating life within the next five years. The 1,951 ATFs in the UK currently process some 1.5 million vehicles per year. To address the vehicles anticipated to be heading to scrapyards over the next five years, ATFs will need to more than double their current output to nearly 3.5 million vehicles annually. We can only reach these ambitious targets by getting the most out of workplace training. With people trained and delivering to an identified standard, a business can more easily measure performance, implement change, and increase business performance.

(2) Why eLearning?

Students can learn in their own time, access the curriculum in a way that suits their learning needs, and progress at a pace that ensures knowledge is obtained permanently. E-Learning is, and continues to be, the most effective way of retaining information because unlike traditional one-off training sessions, learners can revisit subject areas and absorb information in manageable pieces over a longer period. Better still, if a learner wants to revisit something because they have forgotten it or require some additional clarification, online learning provides that facility.

(3) Building competence and capability

Regardless of what avenue or approach your organisation takes in regard to workplace training, building capability and competence within the team helps to attract the right people into your business and ensures you hold onto them. Training motivates and inspires technicians, positively influencing five of the top six reasons why employees typically leave their role.

(4) Staff Retention for 2024

Employees are more likely to stay with a company that has the necessary resources in place to develop them in their chosen career path. Advancement doesn’t always mean progression up the career ladder. 31% of people change jobs simply because of a lack of access to resources and opportunities. Providing development opportunities across all roles rather than limiting advancement to specific positions prevents employee stagnation, and keeps workers motivated.

(5) Career Advancement

Career advancement doesn’t necessarily involve promotion or role change. Employees will always want to improve their talents, and therefore businesses need to make opportunities available. Nurturing career aspirations sends a clear message to workers that their personal development is as important as overall business objectives. Organisations should not hold people back, rather they should actively encourage indivduals to be the best versions of themselves. No business can ever boast that they have successfully retained employees long-term by holding back on their development.

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