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ELV Depollution Register


"The ELV Depollution Register recognises individual technicians' achievements, experience, professionalism and commitment to Occupational Standards and continuing professional development."

The Depollution Register

elvTech Qualification Shields


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Show that you’re a competent, trusted ELV depollution and recycling professional by validating your technical skills and appearing on the only public elvTech© register.

Vehicle Depollution in Action

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What is elvTech?

ElvTech© is the only competency standard for ELV technical professionals which recognises their vital work to safely and compliantly depollute the 1.5 million cars that reach the end of their life every year in the UK.

By benchmarking your abilities against the IMI National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Vehicle Dismantling, you show that you care about doing things properly, that you understand your impact in the industry and that you’re proactive at keeping your skills up to date.

elvProTech Shield
elvTech Certificate
elvTech Shield

It’s the difference between saying you can, and proving it. With the letters elvTech© after your name and a spot on the public elvTech© register there’s no better way of confirming to employers and customers that you’re the best person for the job.

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Develop your SKILLS and further your CAREER with elvProTech©

Technicians who continue their training with us and attend additional specialist technical modules will be recognised for their commitment to continuing professional development with an elvProTech© registration.

Take your career further with elvProTech©

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The UK's only

ELV Technician Register

Take the guesswork out of your next recruitment drive for technical staff by insisting on candidates being elvTech certified.  That’s why we established the UK’s first depollution register – a freely searchable technicians’ database that catalogues technicians who have undertaken any of our qualifications and reached the required standard. We have already supported over 150 technicians in achieving their elvTech qualification and many have continued their studies within our academy to become elvProTech certified. We are proud that industry-leading businesses such as Synetiq have chosen to use our curriculum to support their apprentices. 

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