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Are we losing vehicle depollution and dismantlers to other automotive sectors?

The ELV depollution role is at the very core of our automotive sector and therefore attracting and transforming people into high-performing and long-serving employees should be a priority for those, like us, who rely on them. Historically, our industry has lost out to other sectors with the enticement of better career development and pay. Sectors such as accident repair, bodyshop and general repair workshops are really good examples of this at play. Unlike vehicle recycling, these sectors have previously established a clear development route that supports individual career progression and development ambitions, and it is paying dividends for them!

With the widely published need for UK Vehicle Treatment Facilities to increase dismantling capacity by 300%, as well as a sector anticipating 17 million cars and vans arriving at scrap yards over the next five years, now more than ever we collectively need to focus our efforts on attracting and retaining these skilled operators.

So how do we go about tackling this? ​ Well thankfully, we believe we already have the answer. FACT - Nothing boosts recruitment, morale and retention more than investment in your people. And nothing does it better than a qualification. Qualifications raise standards in health, safety and environmental compliance, best practice, and operational efficiency; all whilst motivating employees and supporting staff retention within an organisation. Up until now, other than the metal recycling apprenticeship route which has an ELV element to the syllabus, our sector has been limited on what it can offer candidates. But now we have access to a world first vocational qualification to attract, incentivise and retain a skilled team of vehicle depollution dismantlers.

The CIWM ELV Technician qualification provides a unique opportunity to gain the very specialised knowledge, expertise and practical skills required for a career in the automotive recycling sector. This world first qualification provides technicians with the knowledge and skills to ensure vehicles that reach the end of their operational life, are safely and compliantly decommissioned, in accordance with relevant health, safety and environmental legislation and industry recognised standards. Learn more by visiting



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