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Enrolment Policy

ELV Training Policies & Procedures

ELV Training is a trading name of End of Life Vehicle Training Ltd.



Students of ELV Training receive automatic enrolment to certain courses immediately after purchase. This creates a students account within an online course and sends an email with their login/password details so that access can be granted. If in any circumstances immediate enrolment cannot be granted ELV Training will create an account for a user within 2 working days and send login details to the learner in question.

Once enrolled, learners can access all parts of the course and upload assignments holistically in any order. Course tutors will send a welcome message to new learners to introduce themselves and as initial contact. Students can access course materials 24/7 and work through their lessons and assignments at their own pace.

Transferring units from past qualifications

Learners who wish to transfer units from past ELV Training certifications, must inform ELV Training during the purchase process (using the special text field provided in the online shopping cart) or prior to enrolment using the email: All units and certification will be judged against current course criteria and a decision made on an individual basis by ELV Training.


Upon completion of a course students are un-enrolled from their qualification but their account within ELV Training Learning Platform is still active. Students will not have access to their course any more after this process. Should ELV Training need to review any work of prior students for assessment or IQA purposes a learner can be temporarily re-enrolled on to the course in question and their assignments, grades and feedback will be available to view again.

Should students or awarding bodies ask for copies of submitted work this can be downloaded and sent to the appropriate parties upon request. It is also a student’s responsibility to keep backups of their work to decrease the chances of any losses.

At times, ELV Training may decide to completely delete a students passed work from the system but this will not be done unless at least 12 months after the end of an enrolment on one of our courses.

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