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Long-serving employees have always been the most effective at reaching objectives and providing consistently high-quality work. It has long been accepted that the best employment strategy is to recruit and retain a workforce of dedicated people who know exactly what is required of them because they have been working for you for a long time and because they feel valued.


The vehicle recycling sector has a hit-and-miss reputation when it comes to employee retention, with treatment and dismantling facilities historically struggling to hold on to depollution operatives. This attrition is often overlooked, but the reality is that it is expensive for those who experience it.

Thankfully, it’s not all doom and gloom, with many examples across the sector of organisations getting things right and reaping the benefits as a result. But we do still have a long way to go; as for every company that gets employment right, there are likely to be two others getting things wrong, and it’s those who have the most to gain from addressing this fundamental problem.

Securing assets
  1. Recognition

  2. Resources

  3. Higher pay

  4. Career advancement

  5. Job satisfaction

  6. Working conditions


To turn things around quickly, and transform new recruits into high-performing and long-serving employees, you start by looking at what motivates people to remain in their job, as well as what influences people to explore opportunities elsewhere.

Online job site Indeed released its latest UK insight data in March 2023, providing feedback from workers across all sectors. Here were the top six most common reasons for people seeking out new employment:

Investment in any of these six areas provides tangible value back to the employer. Examples include loyalty, dedication, improved workforce skills and knowledge, performance, future leadership, improved efficiency and productivity, higher work standards; the list goes on.

Consider this; for a company that is struggling with staff retention; training and ongoing professional development has the ability to positively affect five of the top six motivators listed.

"Training and professional development positively affects five of the top six employee motivators!" 

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