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vehicle dismantling operation



No reasonable business wants to be responsible for the poor health of its workers, but despite best efforts, accidents still happen. The impact of these accidents can run far beyond an employee visiting the hospital or taking a few days off work. 

With end-of-life vehicle depollution and dismantling activities involving numerous hazards, as well as high injury rates, workplace training needs to be water tight. High staff turnover is another factor that negatively impacts safety, with ELV operatives spending minimal time in role and few staff becoming truly experienced.

All our courses have health, safety and environmental compliance at their core, stressing the importance of adopting and maintaining safe work practices whilst at work. Health and safety should never be a list of do's and don'ts. Lists are quickly forgotten whereas training that promotes proactive safety awareness and builds the fundamentals of a collaborative safety culture will provide skills that last a lifetime. Ensure your technicians know how to keep themselves and their work colleagues safe, know what to watch out for, and equip them with the skills to confidently challenge poor behaviours and non-compliance.

keeping employees safe
Safety signs


The world is not standing still, and neither is the automotive industry. The vehicle dismantling and recycling sector needs to respond to these changes. With 96% of the cars and vans in the UK being powered by fossil fuels, and with the imminent hard deadlines introduced by our government, there will be no gradual switch-over to electric. With unprecedented demand for green parts, electric and hybrid integration, and with over 17 million anticipated ICE vehicles in the next five years, our sector needs an urgent solution to safely improve processing capacity.


Any organisation that fails to adequately manage this business transformation runs the risk of safety and compliance shortfalls. Shortcuts, lack of appropriate training, inadequate equipment or new processes that have not been properly evaluated, will all negatively impact safety and damage a business's reputation.

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