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Introducing a world-first vocational qualification for the vehicle recycling industry

Its been a while since we posted to the ELV Training new channel but we are back, and with great news! A successful collaboration between ELV Training and Salvage Wire has resulted in the launch of a brand new qualification for the vehicle dismantling industry.

The CIWM Accredited ELV Technician is a world-first vocational qualification for vehicle depollution and dismantling professionals. Providing candidates with the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure that vehicles which reach the end of their operational lives, are safely and compliantly decommissioned in accordance with relevant health, safety and environmental legislation and industry recognised standards.

We all learn differently, and at different rates. That is why until now, ELV Training’s business model has been primarily focused on delivery via e-Learning. Individuals not only learn at their own pace, but in a pressure-free environment, delivered in a consistent format that takes into account various learning styles. However, with many businesses still reliant within the sector on traditional workplace training delivered by more experienced co-workers, we wanted to take the next step and combine what we do with the highest quality practical onsite training available – thus ensuring that businesses large and small have the opportunity to access the same high quality syllabus adhering to occupational standards defined by the BMRA, VRA and IMI.

Such a venture would not have been possible without joining forces with Salvage Wire, a business who have already built a strong reputation for providing outstanding expertise, consultancy and practical technical training for vehicle salvage professionals across the globe. Our combined efforts meant we were able to offer a powerhouse of automotive recycling knowledge delivered in a unique blended format that could maximise the potential of any vehicle dismantling business, regardless of size.

This is typically a six week course comprising of 15 self-guided e-Learning modules, hosted by ELV Training, culminating in an eight hour onsite training day workshop and practical assessment within the workplace. These skills-based practical sessions are delivered at the client’s Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) of their choice. Typically, the treatment facility used is where the candidates are, or will be employed. Expert tutor support comes courtesy of Salvage Wire, providing step-by-step demonstration of practical depollution skills, all carried out using the client’s depollution equipment. By utilising equipment that operatives will be expected to use, and in premises that are familiar to them, the candidates can build confidence quickly. Dependant on the layout of work, we can organise candidates into teams and into work areas that mirror their day to day work practices. We can also offer support and strategies to overcome specific workplace challenges and provide guidance on how best to manage the workload and work layout to drive future efficiency in process. This is a qualification that delivers for both employer and employee.

Candidates observe instructor live demonstrations, ask questions, watch and learn from others and consolidate new practical skills through repetition - the emphasis is on learning the job! More time physically depolluting vehicles means the learner maximises their time practicing, demonstrating and reinforcing those critical technical skills. The workshop concludes with each candidate providing an independent depollution demonstration which is observed and scored by the Tutor. Initial feedback from the candidates on our trial courses has been extremely positive, liking how the programme puts the emphasis on gaining the correct practical skills, as well as scoring on how they complete a given activity, rather than sitting a written test. Those who successfully complete the steps independently and reach the pass mark, gain the CIWM ELV Technician Qualification, alongside the elvTech certification and a three year enrolment onto our Depollution Technicians Register.

When it came to accreditation there was only one clear choice. The Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM) is the leading professional membership organisation for those in the sustainability, resources and waste management sector. It it is therefore only right that this first ever Level 3 vocational qualification for depollution and dismantling professionals, was accredited by the organisation responsible for regulating WAMITAB within our industry.

It is important that in today’s ultra-competitive job market that we seek to get recruitment and retention right. The ELV depollution role is at the very core of the sector and therefore attracting and transforming our people into high-performing and long-serving employees should be a priority for us all. Our industry often loses out to other roles including accident repair, bodyshop and traditional vehicle repair workshops, because they offer a clear development route that supports individual career progression and development ambitions. That’s where this qualification is a game changer for our sector. Up until now, we haven’t been able to offer people a proper vocational qualification or a clear formalised training path that can attract or incentivise staff and prospective employees. Now we can. A unique opportunity to gain the very specialised knowledge, expertise and practical skills required for a career in the automotive recycling sector.


With an anticipated 17 million cars and vans reaching the end of their operating life within the next five years and research indicating the need for UK Treatment Facilities to increase throughput by more than 300%, now more than ever we need to attract and retain people within our sector. You can find out more about the qualification at



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