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Technicians working with alternative fuelled LPG cars and vans, must be able to safely recovery the fuel from an ELV.


This course includes the following:

  • An overall explanation of Liquid Petroleum Gas, Autogas and Bi-fuel.

  • The legislative requirements relating to the depollution of LPG in end-of-life vehicles.

  • How LPG works as an alternative to petrol powered vehicles.

  • How to identify a vehicle that is powered with LPG.

  • LPG properties both as a liquid and as a gas.

  • The hazards and associated risks with working on vehicles fuelled by Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).

  • The precautions that need to be taken prior to working with LPG.

  • Typical processes for safely managing an end-of-life vehicle powered by LPG and how it differs to traditional petrol and diesel fuelled vehicles.

  • How to safely isolate, disconnect and remove the LPG storage tank prior to depolluting an ELV.

  • How to use specialist recovery equipment and safely flare off from LPG bottles.


NOTE: This course does not cover those vehicles fuelled with compressed natural gas (CNG).

Safe Recovery and Flaring of Liquid Petroleum Gas

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    - Upon successfully completing this training course, you'll recieve a PDF certificate of completion that you can download and print for your records.


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