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The HSE stipulate that Tyre removal, replacement and inflation should only be undertaken by competent staff. The main hazards which can arise include:

  • Manual handling injuries, which account for nearly a half of all tyre-related incidents reported.

  • Tool-related injuries, particularly from hand tools such as tyre levers, which account for a quarter of all tyre-related incidents reported.

  • Compressed-air accidents e.g. from a ruptured or burst tyre or violent separation of the component parts of the wheel.


These accidents tend to result in serious injuries, including fatalities. This training is designed specifically for ELV operators and technicians to ensure they have the necessary skills to be able to safely remove and handle road wheels, separate them into their component materials, and store them safely ready for recycling.

Removal and Separation of Road Wheels

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    Industry Best Practice shared by Industry Experts.

    - A programme built around the IMI's newly launched National Occupational Standards.

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