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Dismantling information for ELVs is critical. Systems such as IDIS provide comprehensive information regarding pre-treatment and dismantling information for End-of-Life Vehicles (ELV).

Being able to efficiently access vehicle information from the IDIS database and other sources is a critical skill for the modern ELV depollution technician.


This course is designed to allow ELV technicians to efficiently navigate through the various depollution and dismantling sources, so that they are equipped to efficiently, safely and compliantly depollute/dismantle ELVs.


This course includes:

  • The importance and benefits of having access to vehicle technical data.

  • How to identify what specific technical data is required.

  • How to retrieve data from vehicle owner documents, including the V5.

  • An introduction and overview of IDIS – the International Dismantling Information System.

  • What are the vehicle manufacturer’s responsibilities, including the availability of vehicle technical data to emergency responders and the vehicle dismantling industry.

  • Alternative third party sources of vehicle technical data.

Referencing and Retrieving Vehicle Technical Data

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