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Withdrawal Policy

ELV Training Policies & Procedures

ELV Training is a trading name of End of Life Vehicle Training Ltd.

ELV Training is committed to providing support for all learners to achieve their qualifications in a timely manner.  We expect all learners to complete their qualifications within the time span given.

Once a learner has achieved their qualification and the certificate has been received, the learner will be withdrawn from the programme as completed.

If a learner fails to meet learning targets set by ELV Training, on 2 occasions without good reason, we will notify them in writing of our intention to withdraw them from the programme. If a response is not received back from the learner within 10 working days, ELV Training will withdraw the individual from the programme by notifying them in writing. We will accredit any units that have been achieved and request certificates for these units which will be sent to them. 


This learner will be a partial or non completer depending on the achievement of any full units.

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